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CRM Tags


CRM tags allow users to tag certain contacts with specific criteria that can be used in the Advanced Search functionality. To view a guide on Advanced Search, click here.


Step 1: Click the CRM tab in the top bar. Click Contacts.


Step 2: Choose the desired investor and click their name. Click the Investments tab. Scroll down to the Investor Preferences.


Step 3: Here, you will see a field for 1) Asset Class Tags, 2) Region Tags, and 3) Custom Tags. The Asset Class and Region Tags will have options in the dropdown while the Custom Tag is free form. To add a Custom Tag, type the desired tag (this example is “Second Tier”), and click Enter on your keyboard. You can add multiple tags for each preference field. Click Save.


You can now use the Advanced Search feature to gather contacts that meet specific criteria for items such as Asset Class Tag, Profile Type, Role, Region Tag, State, etc.

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