How to use Metric Groups

With Metric Groups, you have the ability to show custom sets of metrics on the investor portal. You will have a Default set of metrics for each project status and create additional groups of metrics for use within a given project status. For example, if you have both Fund projects and single-asset syndication projects on your account, you may want to show a different set of metrics to the investors of your active Fund(s) versus your active CRE deals. Metric groups allows you to do this.


Creating a Metric Group

On the top navigation panel, select Settings > Investor Settings.


Select Offering Preferences on the left hand side.


To review the metrics you currently have selected and start creating metric groups, follow the instructions below:



  1. Default – you can review and update your “Default” metric group by selecting the “+” sign.
  2. Add Metric Group – this is how you will initiate creating a new metric group, to be used in situations where you do not wish to use your “Default” metric group.
  3. Give your new metric group a Name
  4. Add the metrics you would like to include in your group.
  5. Sort your metrics in the order you’d like them to be presented to your investors.


Use your Metric Group

On your Home page, search for the project(s) you wish to use your newly created Metric Group on. Select the dropdown arrow > and select Edit Project as seen in the screenshot below:


Scroll down and under the section titled “What stage is your project in?”, select the Metric Group you wish to use:



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