Investor Settings Tour (New Investor Portal)

*This article contains information relating to the new Investor Portal experience

Click Profile and Preferences at the top right. Click Investor Settings.


Next, select View New Investor Settings. After selecting the New Investor Settings, the left hand side will display a menu of different settings options you can configure to your preference. The article below describes what each category can do. 



General Settings

2020-06-02_11-49-03.pngFrom the General Settings tab, you can update the landing page that 'About Us' on the investor portal will link to. We recommend linking to your company's main website or company website geared towards investors. You can also decide which tabs investors will see in their portals or rename any of the tabs. We recommend you toggle on 'Portfolio Performance, Transactions, Documents, and Offerings' to give your investors a more robust portal experience. 

You can also update the fields needed for new Investor Accounts to register from the portal. The system will automatically require a Full Name and Email Address but we recommend turning on additional settings that meet your company's needs. You can also change the language displayed for the 'sign up' button as well as the 'offerings' button. Here you can also configure your company's Terms and Conditions

Investment Metrics


This tab allows you to rename metrics by clicking on the pencil icon next to each metric name. Custom Metrics can also be setup to display on Investor Dashboards. Please keep in mind, these are manual entries and will need to be updated by the Sponsor if these metrics change. 



Offering Preferences:



Unique metrics can be configured for both the Offering Tile or the Offering Details Page. You can further customize the metrics by selecting which metrics to show for each Investment Status. You can add up to 6 metrics per category. For more information on setting up your Offering Preference metrics, please click here. 

'Offering Tile' details will be displayed on Investor Dashboards (example below). 'My Investments' shows all entities the investor has invested with whether they are still accepting investments, are distributing funds, or are closed. 'Open Investments' will show all 'Investing' or 'Funding' projects that are still accepting investments that an investor has not placed an investment with. 'Closed Investments' showcases all liquidated offerings that an investor has not placed an investment with.


The Offering Page Defaults are the metrics shown on the 'View More Details' page of each offering. It is a good idea to choose metrics that are the most universal for all of your projects. In the example below, you can see that if you choose a metric that doesn't have any information it will appear with a -- through it. 


Portal Notifications:


Customize notifications investors receive based off different events. Notifications will either be email or status notifications on the platform. We recommend customizing the Investor Invitation email to mirror branding and set up instructions that pertain to your company. For more details on how to customize your invitation emails, click here.


Project Preferences:

2020-06-02_12-07-39.pngHere, you can choose project status names for Investing, Invested, Syndicating and Liquidated projects. The Other option will populate a field to the rate for a custom status name if it is not in the dropdown options. Click here for more information on Project Statuses

This preferences tab also allows Sponsors to choose how investor dollars are displayed, whether that is rounded to the nearest whole dollar or with cents. You can also choose how the investment amounts are displayed; either the original amount or the net return of capital.

Statement Templates


Here, you will see a list of all Investor Statement templates already created and you can clone, edit, or delete the templates. We recommend you first design your template before you run an Investor Statement batch to ensure the statement will include the information you want to share with investors. 

Investor Portal Design


The Investor Portal Design tab is where your branding and theming is located. Here, you can upload logos, colors, fonts, graphic elements, and more. We recommend you brand your Investor Portals to match your company's branding so it is a consistent investor experience. You can also customize Dashboard Metrics will display at the top of the portal and what the Investor Login page will look like. For more information on setting up your Investor Portal theming and design, please click here. 



Here, you can choose your rounding preference and whether any excess funds will be retained or distributed after rounding. You can also choose when you would like your preferred return accrual calculation and when you would like to display your unpaid preferred returns.





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