Q: Can the proforma waterfall make any assumptions (for example that all pref was paid current as of the date I specify)

A: Projections will only look at the information that is already in the system when calculating. For example, if the waterfall ruleset you are using has a pref rule, it will pay any unpaid pref as of the date entered.


Q: Can I convert a proforma waterfall to a distribution batch that can be sent to investors?

A: No


Q: Is there an audit to help me understand how the system calculated these numbers?

A: Yes, the existing audit file will be available on the projections tab


Q: Can I run a project-level projection?

A: No


Q: Does the projection waterfall look at basepoints and transfer dates when calculating?

A: Yes, it will behave the same as running a normal distribution batch


Q: Can I export a NACHA or other payment file from a projection?

A: No


Q: How far forward can I run a projection? I.E.- is there a day, quarter, or year limit?

A: No limit, can run it as far in the future as you wish


Q: Can I edit or make adjustments to a projection? (Manually override amounts to different investors)

A: Yes, you can make adjustments to each investor just like you can in a normal distribution batch


Q: Is there an approval workflow for publishing a projection?

A: No approval workflow, it is just a toggle to show. You can only show one projection per entity to your investors.


Q: Can I display the projected IRR on Investor Dashboards?

A: Yes, you can choose to display this on Investor Dashboards by selecting the "Projected Internal Rate of Return" on Investor Settings > Dashboard Preferences. This will show a calculation based on the projection that was run for this project for each investor's investment. 

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