Personal & Project Documents

  • K-1 Best Practice Guide - PDF
    Please click the PDF below to view the guide. 
  • K-1 Process Guide - PDF
    Please click the PDF below to view the guide.
  • Upload Asset/Class Level Documents
    You can upload an Asset or Class level document directly from the Projects feature. Select the project you would like to add a document to and then select the Documents Tab within the project. An upload documents pop up will appear and you can upl...
  • Upload Investor Documents
    There are two methods for uploading Investor Documents, directly from their CRM profile or under the Documents page.  Method 1: Locate the investor in the global search feature or under the CRM tab and select the investor you wish to upload a docu...
  • Upload K-1s to Investor Profiles
    Overview: Sponsors can upload K-1 documents directly to Investor Portals where they can be stored, viewed, and downloaded by investors.   
  • Upload Project-Level Documents
    There are two ways team members can add documents to all investors associated with a project, either directly in the project or under the documents feature.  Method 1: To upload a project level document from the projects page, navigate to the Proj...
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