eSignature 101: Creating a New eSignature Template

With eSignature templates, you will spend less time preparing documents so you can get your most important documents signed faster. 

Creating a Template

On the top navigation panel, select Documents > eSignature Templates


To create a new template, select the blue Create Template button in the top right corner. To edit an existing template, select the blue hyperlinked document name. 

Begin by giving the template a Name and Description if desired. Next, locate the subscription document on your computer and upload it into the template. Users may upload multiple PDF, Word Documents, or JPEG/PNG images (maximum of 500 pages and 40 megabits) into a template. To update the order of the documents, hover over the document until the hand icon appears and then drag the file. Once the template is generated, users cannot change the order of the documents. 


Once you have uploaded the appropriate files, users can select if the document needs countersigners. A document may have up to 3 countersigners. If you choose to not include countersigners at this stage, you will not be able to add them at a later point and would need to create a new template and recode your document.


Once you are ready to generate the template, select Prepare Signing Document. An additional message will appear notifying the user that the template will merge all documents together and the user will not be able to change the order of the documents nor add countersigners at a later point. Once ready, select Yes


Disclaimer: IMS recommends waiting until the subscription documents are finalized by your firm before you begin coding your document. Once you upload a document into a template, the document text cannot be edited nor can pages of the document deleted or replaced. 


To learn how to prepare a document for signatures, please click here. 




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