There are two methods for uploading Investor Documents, directly from their CRM profile or under the Documents page. 

Method 1:

Locate the investor in the global search feature or under the CRM tab and select the investor you wish to upload a document to. Once you have found the investor, navigate to the Documents tab in the center of the screen. 


Under the Documents tab, team members can see all documents associated with an investor, see which project those documents are associated to, and where the documents are displayed. You will also be able to see the date the document was added to the system and the date the user viewed the document. You can upload, preview, download and delete documents from this page. If the document is shared across multiple users, you will be shown a warning with a user count prior to completing the deletion. 

To upload a new document, select the Upload Document button.



Here, a pop up box will appear for you to upload an individual or multiple documents. Choose to either associate a document to a specific Project or upload directly onto Investor Dashboards. Choose to send a notification email to the investor once the document has been uploaded. Select Upload when you are finished. 


Method 2:

Click on DocumentsManage on the Site Navigation Panel on the top of the screen. This view will show you Auto Generated Folders. The IMS System Documents section contains a folder called Projects which will house all associated investor folders and documents. The Company documents (under your company name) will house all internal company documents (such as Waterfall-Audit files, broker, and property management information). The My Documents – [Name] folder is a location where the Team Member can load documents for their internal use or to coordinate with their CSM or other Team Members.


Under IMS System Documents, select Investor Profiles. Choose the Investor you want to upload a document for. Click Upload Document.



Drag and drop the desired document(s) or browse. Choose where you would like this file to be displayed on the Investor Dashboard. If you choose Investor Dashboard, choose the desired folder. Click Upload. Click Done.


You will see your newly added document(s) added to the list.


Your investors will see these documents in their Documents tab. Here, they can view, save, or print their documents.


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