Gather and Track Investor Interest in New Opportunities

With Soft Commitments, Sponsors can now streamline the entire capital raise process, from planning a new capital raise to gathering interest in the opportunity to converting interest into a firm commitment. Using the new Soft Commitments feature, Sponsors can also leverage new tracking tools to monitor investor engagement in new opportunities, including tracking document views, email opens, response rates, and more.

NOTE: Soft Commitments is only available to Sponsors on the New Investor Portal. Launch your New Investor Portal today to join the hundreds of other sponsors currently delivering the best experience to their investors!

Creating an Opportunity

On the top navigation panel, select CRM > Soft Commits



To create a new opportunity, select the blue Create Opportunity button in the top right corner.


To manage an existing opportunity, click on the name of the opportunity from the opportunities list.


Creating the Investor Interest Form

Begin by giving the opportunity a Name and $Goal Amount. You will first design the Investor Interest Form. The Text Editor will allow you to create a custom message within the Form, which you can preview on the right side of your screen. Any documents and marketing materials can be attached at the bottom under Documents. When complete, select Save in the bottom right.



Track Investor Interest

Within your opportunity you will track and manage investor interest, send interest forms to investors, and move the allocated interest into a project when ready. The table includes all Individuals from your CRM. It can be searched using the top most row and sorted or filtered via the column headers and tools on the right. The table was designed to function like your current spreadsheet, so each cell you click on can be edited – this becomes helpful when you get verbal commitments from investors and would still like to track their interest level here as well.




  1. Search and Filter – each column can be searched or filtered.
  2. Investor Profiles – by selecting the the arrow next to an individuals name you will see any investment vehicles the individual is connected to (eg Trusts, LLCs Joint Accounts or IRAs). While in the expanded profile view you can double click on the Interested or Allocated columns to enter interest for investors who do not complete the interest form, this is helpful in the event you have verbally confirmed interest from an investor.
  3. Choose which Columns you’d like to see and apply additional Filters.
  4. Send the Opportunity Interest Form to select investors. Any investor interest coming in from the forms will populate in the table in real time. Once sent you will be able to track investor activity by selecting this symbol: activity_icon.png
  5. Investor Allocations - Select the investors you’d like to Connect to a Project and Hard Commitment.


When you are ready to take the Investor Allocations to Hard Commitments in a Project, this guide is helpful in setting up the hard commitment process: Commitments and Capital Calls. And this article is helpful for setting up any documents that need to be electronically signed by the investors: eSignature Document Checklist.


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