Key Questions to Ask your Bank when Implementing NACHA Files

1. Do you require a balanced or unbalanced file?

*A balanced ACH file contains both credits and debits - the totals of which offset one another. IMS defaults to unbalanced but can export a balanced file if your bank requires it.

 2. Do you need the file to be in a CCD/PPD format?

*The NACHA format is composed of 94-character records. All records and fields are required, except the record 7 - Entry Detail Addenda Record that is optional.  Additional CCD/PPD payment related information can be entered in the addenda record when entering ACH information in the bank account field. 

 3. Can you process files using a “For Further Credit To” field?

*Note that your sending bank may process this field.  However, the receiving bank must also be able to process this information.

 4. How can we test a NACHA file to determine that it will process correctly prior to attempting to distribute actual funds?

*Many banks can process a $0 test file- is this an option?


The following chart includes known banks with special NACHA file requirements.  This list is not all-inclusive, so please speak with your bank about any NACHA file requirements they have.



Additional NACHA Notes/Special Circumstances

Wells Fargo Integration

IMS is pleased to offer a consolidated file format to customers using the Wells Fargo Payment Manager within the CEO suite. This file layout allows IMS customers to export one file to process ACH, Wire, and Check payments in lieu of producing a NACHA file for ACH and then handling alternate methods manually.

Setup required for Wells Fargo:

  • IMS clients with an existing Wells Fargo relationship and access to the CEO portal should reach out to their Sales Representative or Client Relationship Manager and let them know you want to update your Payment Manager profile to accommodate uploading a csv file for payments.
  • Clients with an existing Wells Fargo relationship that don’t currently have access to the CEO portal will need discuss setup, pricing, etc. with their Sales representative.
  • Wells Fargo will supply an implementation project manager to facilitate activating the appropriate settings for your account.
  • Wells Fargo will have a list of questions on how you want to process the files, as well as items needed to ensure your checks are formatted properly.
  • Wells Fargo will provide a sandbox environment where you can upload test files to ensure formatting is correct.
  • Depending on a client’s complexity, you should expect a 6-8 week time-frame from Wells Fargo to complete implementation and begin uploading live distribution files to the Payment Manager System for processing.

JP Morgan/Chase NACHA

While part of the same company, these are two separate portals (Chase Business Portal and JP Morgan Access).  If using Chase Business Portal, please note the Company Discretionary Data field is required but does not sync with IMS NACHA formatting, as this is non-standard formatting.  If you are just beginning to implement NACHA, we advise using JP Morgan Access which has more robust and developed NACHA functionality.

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