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  1. Review How to Set Up NACHA
  2. Troubleshooting
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See the detailed notes below. Also view the NACHA formatting instructions here.

  1. Review How to Set Up NACHA to ensure that all necessary fields have been completed correctly. If any of the fields are blank or incorrectly formatted in the ACH section of the Issuer Entity’s bank account information, the file will not generate.
  2. Troubleshooting – After confirming that all necessary fields have been completed correctly, these are the other most common issues that arise.
    1. Export NACHA file option is disabled or gray
      1. The status of the distribution batch must be ‘Ready to Distribute’ AND the person generating the file must have the correct permissions of being the ‘Default Distributor’ in the Waterfall/Distribution workflow. To view and change the Default Distributor, please follow the steps below.
        1. In IMS admin, navigate to Profile & Preferences > Admin Setting > Distribution Workflows.
        2. Under ‘Default Distributor’, please select the correct person to generate the NACHA file.
      2. A bank account must be associated to the entity and distribution.
        1. This article goes over how to add a bank account to an entity:
        2. Once that has been taken care of, you will associate this account to the specific batch that you are pulling the NACHA file for by editing the distribution.




2. Investor not showing up on the NACHA file

  1. Ensure that the ACH send method is:
    1. Populated on the investor’s CRM profile. Click here to see how to edit an existing contact.
    2. Set as their payment preference on their investment in this project. Click here to see how you can edit an investment to update the project-specific payment method.
      1. Note that adding a new default ACH account in the CRM will not retroactively change any batches in progress. Likewise, editing the payment preference on a project will not change the payment method on any pre-existing batches.
    3. Specified as their payment method on this specific batch. You can see this by clicking into the distribution details view on the project. To edit the batch payment method you will select the investor you wish to edit from the list of distribution recipients >click the bulk actions menu>”Adjust Selected Distributions”>Edit the payment method from the dropdown.mceclip2.png
  2. Check that the bank account information (Account number and ABA) has the correct number of digits for the NACHA file to export properly (between 4-17 digits, and 9 digits respectively).
  3. The investors in the NACHA file must have valid, legal names. Individuals must have at least two characters for both the first and last name. Entities must also have a legal name greater than two characters long.
  4. All investors included on the file must be receiving a distribution payment greater than zero. It cannot be less than or equal to zero.

3.  Balanced NACHA file

  1. 1. By default, IMS generates an unbalanced ACH file.
  2. A balanced ACH file contains both credits and debits - the totals of which offset one another. By default, IMS will create an ACH file that contains ONLY the transactions that were specified as Send Method "ACH". However, in a balanced file, there will be an additional transaction entry line which will contain the offsetting total debit (it will add up all the transactions and place that amount in the offset entry record).
    1. If your bank specifies that they require a balanced file, please contact support with the bank and Routing Number that needed to be added at Please include the exact written instructions from your bank regarding their formatting requirements so that we can be sure any adjustments we make will meet their requirements.
    2. For banks associated to a routing number that has been formatted to export a balanced file, the menu will show “Export Custom NACHA” when generating a file, instead of the normal option of “Export NACHA.”

4. Verify that banking information for the distributing entity is complete and entered in the correct location. Follow the path below to add and update entity banking information.

  1. Projects > Entities > select the drop-down box next to the desired entity and choose ‘Edit’ > navigate to the ‘Bank Account’ tab.
    1. There should be no dashes or special characters in the EIN, Immediate Origin, or Routing Number fields.
    2. The EIN must be between 9-10 digits long. Some banks require the addition of an extra digit, otherwise this should always be 9 digits.
    3. The immediate Origin must be between 9 and 10 digits long.


Other FAQs

  1. What is "For further credit to" in a NACHA file?
    1. When selected, and the investor has text entered into the further credit to field, this text will be inserted as an "addendum" line below their credit entry in the NACHA file. There are some banks that are equipped to make use of this information.
  2. When is the data pulled into the NACHA file?
    1. The data is pulled into the file at the time the export button is clicked. All the data is in real time.
    2. If the data has changed since the last time a NACHA file was generated, the new data will already be included in the new file for the batch.
  3. What is the effective date?
    1. The effective date is the next business day from the day that the file is generated. This is the date that the bank will attempt to settle the batch. If the file is stale dated, then the bank will attempt to settle the batch on the next banking day.


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