Automated Clearing House (ACH) is an electronic method of making distribution batch transactions.

IMS Locations - Entities/Bank Accounts, Contacts/Bank Accounts


project asset is any object that is managed by, and contributes significant value to a project.  

The assets for a fund project are it's investments.  

The assets for a CRE project are commercial real estate properties.

IMS Locations - Assets



distribution batch: 

IMS Location - Equity/CapTable/Distributions


loan borrower is the individual or organization who receives an a amount of money from the lender and is obligated to repay the money in an agreed upon time frame.

IMS Location - Loans



sales campaign is another term to describe an offering

IMS Locations - Investor Site/Offerings Admin Site Equity/CapitalTable/ClassTable/Edit Sales Offering


capital structure is a summary of an entity's sources of equity for finances it's operations and growth.  the capital structure includes the company's loans (long-term debt, specific short-term debt) and investors (common equity and preferred equity).

The capital table summarizes the investments and ownership of investors into an entity.

IMS Locations - Admin/Equity/CapTable

Capitalization Rate 

Capitalization rate, often just called the cap rate, is the ratio of Net Operating Income (NOI) to property asset value. So, for example, if a property was listed for $1,000,000 and generated an NOI of $100,000, then the cap rate would be $100,000/$1,000,000, or 10%. Retrieved from http://www.propertymetrics.com/blog/2013/06/03/cap-rate/ on April 5, 2016.

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The class of equity is used to categorize investments and define ownership characteristic.

IMS Locations - Equity/CapTable/Class Table and Org Chart


Closed class: the status of a class (raise) for a project that is funded is considered to be closed to investments.

IMS Location - Equity/CapTable/ClassDetails/Actions


 Contacts: Any investor platform users or prospects are considered contacts.

IMS Location - CRM/Contacts



CRE: commercial real estate project.

IMS Location - Home Page and Project Summary Tab



The investor dashboard provides Investors with current information, metrics, activity logs, and documents for their investments with a Real Estate Sponsor.

IMS Location - Investor Site/Dashboard/ActivityLog/Documents


Any loan that encumbers an asset or project.  May be mortgage, mezzanine, or other types of loans.

IMS Location - Loans


Distributions are payments made to investors from cash flow generated by assets.  Distributions may include preferred returns, available or operating cash, promotes, and return of capital.  They may be scheduled or one time events.

IMS Location - Admin/Projects/CapTable/Distributions.   Investor Site - Investor dashboard and Activity Log



Investopedia DEFINITION of 'Financing Entity'

"The party in a financing arrangement that provides money, property, or another asset to an intermediate entity or financed entity. A financing entity receives a fee for providing financing, and is linked to the financed entity through a chain of financing transactions across all intermediaries."

IMS Location - Entities


Equity Capital is the money put up and owned by the shareholders (owners).

Debt Capital is the borrowed money that is at work in the business.

IMS Location - Projects/CapTable



A fund project is a type of project where Sponsors call capital to make multiple investments into various assets.  Funds may be closed (i.e. defined capital raise and assets to be purchased) or Open (continuously raising capital and deploying to new assets).

IMS Locations - Funds are denoted on the Project Summary, and then viewed like any other project in the system.  Funds may be invested into other projects made in the system.


A funded project represents a status of the project indicating that it is not currently raising or collecting any money. 

IMS Locations - Tagged in Project Wizard, displayed on Project Summary, Org Chart


see invested project

A funding project represents a status of the project indicting that it is currently raising or collecting money.  The collection of money could be for many different situations including but not limited to securing a loan, refinancing a loan, or generating equity as needed for the initial purchase of or required maintenance or improvement of the property or assets.

IMS Locations - Tagged in Project Wizard, displayed on Project Summary, Org Chart



A loan guarantor is the individual(s) or entity(s) that agree to guarantee all or a portion of the loan.  Loans may be considered non-recourse in which a Guarantor is only liable for gross negligence, fraud or certain carve out provisions.

IMS Locations - Loans



A rules hurdle refers to refers to a metric that triggers a change in waterfall distributions.  Hurdles may include IRR, Equity Multiples, or Absolute dollar metrics.

IMS Locations - Equity/Cap Table/ Waterfall Rules



The investor is an individual or an organization who agrees to contribute money (capital) as an investment with the expectation of a financial return.  The IMS platform provides the ability to make different types of investor profiles, all of which include slightly different behavior.  These include: individual investor profile, entity investor profile, trust investor profile, Self Directed IRA, and joint investor profile.

IMS Location - CRM/Contacts contains all of the Investor profiles within an account and Entities contains the Internal Entity profiles.


An issuer organization is a legal entity that is responsible for offering (or having already offered) securities (s.a. shares of ownership) for sale to investors.  The issuer's are responsible for reporting standards set by the SEC.

IMS Locations - Entities and display on Org Charts  and Cap Tables.  


Jurisdiction of Registration

The state where the Entity is registered.

IMS Location - Entities




liquidated project refers to the status of the project where the assets have been sold and all final dividends or distributions have been paid.

IMS Location - tagged in the Project Wizard and displayed on the Project Summary, Home Page, Org Chart, and Investor Dashboards.


loan is the lending of money as debt profiled by an organization to another organization or entity with a promise to repay with an additional agreed upon interest rate and repayment schedule. A loan is secured by the reallocation of assets for the specified period as collateral for the loan.

IMS Location - Loans



team member is a person internal or external to the platform owner's company.  An example of an internal team member is anyone who works directly for the company that purchased the platform or another company fully owned by the platform owner's company.  An example of an external team member would be a person working for a partner company but not directly employed by the platform owner's company.

IMS Location - Account Settings / Team Members


Multi-Tiered Project: a project with multiple entities in its organization structure as defined by the ownership shares.

IMS Locations - viewed via Org Chart




Open class: the status of a class (raise) for a project that is funding is considered to be open for investments.

IMS Locations - Equity/CapTable/ClassDetail/Actions


see also: entity

An organization investor: reference investor

An issuer organization: reference issuer

IMS Location - Entities and displayed on Org Charts


Ownership defines the investment and/or shares relationship between entities (including the direct owner) and other entities and/or investors.

IMS Locations - Ownership is added via the Investment Wizard and displayed on Cap Tables and Class Detail pages



An investor profile ... reference investor

An admin profile ... reference member

IMS Locations - CRM/Contacts, and Account Settings/Team Members


A prospect is a contact in the system who may or many not have a user login to the investor platform but does not have any associated investor profiles with any investments 

IMS Location - CRM/Contacts Table and Contact Details


Project is the single point of ownership and management for all equity and debt related it's identified asset(s).

IMS Locations - Home Page, Project Summary, and Org Chart




Raise is the technical term in our data model for a class of ownership.

IMS Location - Project Summary/CapTable/Edit Class


Waterfall Distribution Rules : reference waterfall

IMS Location - Project Summary/CapTable/Waterfall



Loan Servicer - the entity responsible for managing all aspects of a loan (payments, taxes, ins, etc)

IMS Location - Loans/Edit Loan / Servicer Tab




A user is person with a login to the investor platform and this includes both investors and prospects.  

IMS Location - login page for Admin, Investor, or Console as applicable




Waterfall is the distribution of cash flow to entities and investors for a project based on the defined rules in the operating agreement for all issuer organizations.

Wikipedia:  "In private equity investing, distribution waterfall is a method by which the capital gained by the fund is allocated between the limited partners (LPs) and the general partner (GP).

In a private equity fund, the general partner manages the committed capital of the limited partners. The GP usually commits some amount to the fund, usually 1 to 2% of the commitment. When distributing the capital back to the investor, hopefully with an added value, the general partner will allocate this amount based on a previously agreed waterfall structure.

A waterfall structure can be pictured as a set of buckets or phases. Each bucket contains its own allocation method. When the bucket is full, the capital flows into the next bucket. The first buckets are usually entirely allocated to the LPs, while buckets further away from the source are more advantageous to the GP. This structure is designed to encourage the general partner to maximize the return of the fund."

IMS Locations - Tagged in Project Wizard, displayed on Project Summary, Org Chart




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