Import Data - Distribution Uploader FAQ and Best Practices

When uploading my template, I received an Upload Warning that I have an incorrect format. What would cause this?

In most cases, this means you have text in a numeric field. This may occur if you used an Excel lookup function to match data. Use the filters in the template to look for non-numeric values such as #N/A that may result when trying to match data.  Best practice to avoid this and other errors is to copy the results of your formulas and just paste the values, rather than trying to upload data with formulas.

I received an email that stated it did not recognize an Investment ID or Investor Name. What should I do?

The most likely cause is using an outdated template, as the system validates the Investment ID and Name match on import to ensure no sorting errors occurred. If anything has changed in your cap table (e.g. transfer, new investment, etc.) the old template will no longer validate properly against system data. Download a fresh template to ensure your data is current.

Can I re-use an old Template that I downloaded?

Best practice is to download a new template each time you want to upload distributions. This is to ensure you have the latest IDs and names which may be changed from time to time by transfers and general maintenance of your investor profiles.

Is there a limit to the size of the file I upload and how long should this take to complete?

There is no limit to the size that you can upload, but the larger the file the longer it will take to complete. We recommend that you select the Notify option when importing and the system will send you an email when the batches are completed. If you don’t select Notify, when you go to the Pending tab, the system will display a message that batches are pending so you know they are still in process.

I deleted a batch that I did not mean to. Can I recover?

No, deleting is permanent and you will need to re-upload the batch.

Is it possible to have a placeholder for withholdings or fees?

Yes, but you will need to add Fee/Withholding rulesets to the projects that need them visible. Please see a tutorial here on adding waterfall rules. They will append as columns after the Excess Cash column on the waterfall template when generated. Remember that these will need to be input as a negative on the template.

I do not see Import Data as an available option under the Profile & Preferences menu. How do I get started?

You will need to assign permissions to your trusted team members that you want to have access to this feature. Best practice is to minimize the number of Team Members that have access since there is the ability to manipulate and delete existing distribution data. To activate this feature, simply select Enabled for the Import Data option in the Team Member’s Functionality tab. You can access permissions from the Team Members tab under Admin Settings.  Select an individual, click the dropdown arrow next to their name, select edit, and go to their permissions tab to enable.


Note: You will need to log out and back into the system for this feature to display.


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