FAQs & Additional Resources

Additional resources to assit during your implementation with IMS

  • Customer Success Model
  • Customer Support SLAs
  • Glossary of IMS Terms
    A ACH  Automated Clearing House (ACH) is an electronic method of making distribution batch transactions. IMS Locations - Entities/Bank Accounts, Contacts/Bank Accounts Asset  A project asset is any object that is managed by, and contributes signif...
  • Implementation Guide
    Please click the PDF below to view the implementation guide.
  • IMS Onboarding FAQ
    Do I need to own the domain that we use for IMS?   Yes (typically), we offer a White Label Service for IMS's Portal. So, you will need to own the domain we use when branding your IMS Portal. We can but it's not recommended use your companyname.ims...
  • IMS Security
  • Investor Support Policies
    Please click the PDF below to view the investor support policies.
  • Mobile App Overview
    Investors are increasingly using smartphones and tablets to get the data they need to understand their investment performance - across all investments in their portfolio. IMS has developed a mobile application to provide the data they need, anytim...