FAQs & Additional Resources

  • Customer Success Model
  • Customer Support SLAs
  • Glossary of IMS Terms
    A ACH  Automated Clearing House (ACH) is an electronic method of making distribution batch transactions. IMS Locations - Entities/Bank Accounts, Contacts/Bank Accounts Asset  A project asset is any object that is managed by, and contributes signif...
  • Implementation Guide
    Please click the PDF below to view the implementation guide.
  • IMS Onboarding FAQ
    Do I need to own the domain that we use for IMS?   Yes (typically), we offer a White Label Service for IMS's Portal. So, you will need to own the domain we use when branding your IMS Portal. We can but it's not recommended use your companyname.ims...
  • IMS Security
  • IMS University
    IMS University (IMSU) is a multipart series that serves as an introduction on how to navigate the IMS Platform and utilize some of our new platform features. Click here to sign up for IMS University! Not new to IMS? This can also be used as a refr...
  • Investor Support Policies
    Please click the PDF below to view the investor support policies.
  • Mobile App Overview
    Investors are increasingly using smartphones and tablets to get the data they need to understand their investment performance - across all investments in their portfolio. IMS has developed a mobile application to provide the data they need, anytim...