Team Member Roles (Release Notes)

04.9.21 | Team Member Roles

Better Team Access Management with Team Member Roles

Our new Team Member Roles feature provide for better control and delegation over how Team Members use IMS, including granting access to the CRM only or to specific projects.


Included in this release:

  • Ability to set a Super Admin for your team. This user can create admin users and grant access to sensitive data exports.
  • CRM Only access. Sponsors that want to allow team members to leverage the CRM of IMS without viewing all of their deal structures and returns can use the new CRM Only team member role.
  • Project Only access. With Project Only access, sponsors can grant access to team members (typically third party fund managers) that only need access to one or more selected projects. These team members will not have access to the CRM or general documents, but can manage/view the details of the selected project(s).
  • KPI Only access. Sponsors leveraging KPI for IMS, our asset analytics platform, can grant access to only KPI to team members such as asset managers.

Looking to get started? Learn more about Team Member Roles.

*** Note: You must be a team member with Sensitive Data Access in order to turn on the new Team Roles for your account.

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