Soft Commitments (Release Notes)

06.5.21 | Soft Commitments


Managing your fund raising funnel has never been easier!

Our new Soft Commitments feature allows Sponsors to streamline the entire capital raise process, from planning a new raise to gathering interest in the opportunity to converting interest into a firm commitment. Using the new Soft Commitments feature, Sponsors can also leverage new tracking tools to monitor investor engagement in new opportunities, including tracking document views, email opens, response rates, and more.


Included in this release:

  • Create a new opportunity and invite Investors to submit their interest in the opportunity. Sponsors no longer need to build an entire project and offering to gauge investor interest, simply set up the basic opportunity details and include any documents you would like to share, then send a personalized invitation to your potential investors to gather their interest.
  • Track investor engagement all from one place. With the Soft Commits feature, you can track investor engagement throughout the capital raise process, including email engagement, opportunity viewing and document download tracking.
  • When investors submit a response, those responses will be available for your entire team to track, all from the opportunity details page, and will include the specific amounts investors are interested in investing, the investment profile they prefer to invest with, and even any comments/questions they have about the opportunity.
  • Quickly convert interest into a hard commitment! Using the Connect to Commitment feature, Soft Commitments can be converted quickly into Hard Commitments when you are ready to finalize your fundraise.
  • Plan your next capital raise using projected amounts and interest likelihood. Using the Soft Commits feature, your team can put together a plan for which investors you think will likely invest and how much they are likely to invest. This allows sponsors to track and identify if new investors should be brought into a deal to expand their investor base and allows for tracking potential waitlist capital that was previously untapped.

Looking to get started today but want to learn more? Learn more about using Soft Commits.

**** NOTE: Soft Commitments is only available to Sponsors on the New Investor Portal. Launch your New Investor Portal today to join the hundreds of other sponsors currently delivering the best experience to their investors! 

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