Investor Portal Launch Checklist (Implementation Clients)

The IMS Investor Portal allows your investors to monitor their investments and invest in new opportunities. The portal is highly customizable and designed for the Sponsor to have full control over the branding and information shared on the portal. We recommend you follow the steps below before you invite investors to the Investor Portal. 

First Look

  1. Begin by watching this 5 minute Investor Portal Tour to see all that is available in the portal design. (The article below will walk you through the steps needed to configure your portal the way it looks in the example.) 
  2. Log into your IMS Sponsor account and begin by masquerading as an investor to see the default settings that have been configured for your Investor Portal. 

Designing and Configuring Your Portal 

  1. Under the Investor Portal Design tab, set up your portal's theming and design and customize the landing login page. 
  2. Under the General Settings tab, turn on/off sections of the portal and rename category header names. 
  3. Under the Offering Preferences tab, choose which metrics to show under which Investment Status. Metrics can be configured at the tile level or under the Investment Details page of a project. 
  4. Under the Investment Metrics tab, review the default naming conventions for the metrics you configured in the step prior. Choose to rename any metrics if you wish. 
  5. Under the Project Preferences tab, review the default Project Status naming conventions and choose to overwrite to better match your firm's operating language. (Example >> instead of 'investing' status choose to say 'funding' or even write your own.) 
  6. Once these steps are complete, preview your portal by masquerading as an investor. Make any adjustments as needed until you're satisfied with the configuration of your Investor Settings. 

Update Project Information on the Portal 

  1. Begin by watching this 10 minute tutorial and follow the steps below to add details on historical projects that carried over from the previous portal design.
    1. Choose to show/hide the Investment Today button
    2. Choose to write a custom name for the project (by default it will be the entity name) 
    3. Customize the Investment Tile - add custom text, banners, display the funding percentage, etc
    4. Customize the Investment Details page - add header names, custom text, images, etc 
    5. Configure Asset level metrics and text 
    6. Choose to display a map location 
    7. Save, preview by masquerading, and make any adjustments as needed
    8. Repeat the steps above on any/all historical projects of your choosing 

Set Up a New Offering (If Applicable) 

If you have a brand new opportunity that you want to offer when your investors log into the portal for the first time, follow these steps. 

  1. Add a new project and entity
  2. Set up your classes
  3. Follow steps #1-6 in the previous section 
  4. Set up your eSignature document 
  5. Save, preview by masquerading, and make any adjustments as needed

Final Quality Check 

  1. Perform a final masquerade of your Investor Portal and make any adjustments if needed.
  2. Ensure you have your internal Investor Relations Support Contact information loaded in your Admin Settings to provide your Investors with the support access they may need.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the Investor Support articles located in the Help Center. These can be used internally by your Investor Relations team or shared externally with investors as you see fit. 


Congratulations, you are ready to invite investors to the Investor Portal. Read this article to learn how to bulk invite investors to the Investor Portal. 

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