eSignature Document Status Tracking (Release Notes)

12.4.20 | Document Status Tracking | Enhanced Feature


Staying on top of the document signing process has never been easier!

Our enhanced eSignature document tracker gives Sponsors detailed updates on the key activity during the capital raise signing process! See detailed status updates for each signer, including when a document was viewed, when it was signed, and the recipient email at each signing stage.



Included in this release:

  • View and track the full activity that occurred on an eSignature Document. Documents that are in a 'pending' status will show you the most recent signer of the document, which can be helpful for Sponsors who wish to remind the signer to complete the document. 2020-12-03_09-54-07.pngScreen_Shot_2020-12-03_at_9.47.23_AM.png2020-12-03_10-32-27.png
  • Documents that have a 'completed' status will show the full history of the document activity and a document download link will appear on the document. 2020-12-03_11-02-57.png2020-12-03_11-04-03.png


** Please Note - The Document Status Tracker only works with documents created via the eSignature Documents tool in IMS. Documents created via DocuSign will not show this full, detailed history but rather will show the latest status of the document under 'Document Status' on the Cap Table. 

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