New Investor Portal Enhancements (Release Notes)

11.20.2020 | Investment Status, Location, Class, and Contribution Data on Investment Tiles | Enhanced Feature


Additional Enhancements Made to Give Investors the Information They Need Directly at their Fingertips

We have continued to make improvements to our New investor Portal since the initial release this summer. Our recent enhancements relate to providing additional details on Investment Tiles so your investors have access to the information that is important to them. The three main enhancements in this release include adding the city and state of the asset on the Investment Tile photo, adding the class the investor placed the investment into with showing a stacked view of multiple contributions and investment vehicles the investor used in that deal, and showing the status of the asset on the Investment Tile. 


Included in this release:

1. Investment Tile now reflects the current status of the asset (Investing, Invested, or Liquidated). Investors can sort their Portfolio Metrics at the top of their dashboard to reflect either Active or Liquidated deals. 





2. Investment Tiles now reflect the class, investment vehicle and show multiple contributions. 





3. Investment Tiles now showcase the city and state the asset is located in. 




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