Multi-factor Authentication for Team Members (MFA)

IMS provides Sponsors the ability to turn on two-step authentication for Team Members login, which supplies an additional layer of security on your IMS account. If Multi-factor Authentication is enabled for the account, all Team Members will be required to enter a single-use confirmation code to verify their identity. *Please note - MFA is available for the GP/Sponsor Portal, it is not available for investors at this time.


To enable MFA, please follow these steps. 


Step 1:

Only Team Members with Sensitive Data Access will be able to enable MFA for the account. To view which Team Members have Sensitive Data Access, navigate to your Profile > Admin Settings > Team Members. 



Any Team Members with a YES under the 'Data Access' column can proceed with enabling MFA. If you need a Team Member granted Sensitive Data Access, please email support@imscre.comimage__3_.pngimage__4_.png


Step 2:

Navigate to your Profile > Admin Settings. You will be defaulted onto the General Settings tab, scroll down the page until you see the section labeled Security. Turn the green toggle on to enable MFA. Click save once finished. 



After MFA is turned on for the account, all Team Members will be prompted to enter a confirmation code upon logging in. The code will be sent to the email listed in IMS that is associated to the Team Member; see the Verify Email article for more information. If a Team Member wants to by-pass the two-step authentication upon logging in, they can select 'Remember Me' and the Team Member will not have to enter a code for 30 days. 



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