Multi-Factor Authentication & Sensitive Data Export (Release Notes)

10.9.20 | Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Sensitive Data Export | New Feature


Choose to Require Team Members to Confirm their Identity Upon Login  

We are excited to announce the release of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) which allows Sponsors to choose to require a two-step verification upon Team Member logins. If enabled, all Team Members will be required to enter a verification code to prove their identity, providing an additional layer of security on the account. By default, this feature will be toggled OFF. If you'd like to enable MFA, please refer to the article hyperlinked below. 



Included in this release:

  • All accounts will have the ability to turn ON the MFA feature for their account. ONLY team members with Sensitive Data Access will be able to turn this feature on/off for their account. This will be turned off on all accounts by default.
  •  Once the MFA feature has been enabled for an account, Team Members must utilize a valid email address in order to receive a correct email verification code that completes the two-step login process. 
  • If MFA is turned on, Team Members will be able to select 'Remember Me' which will allow the Team Member to bypass entering a verification code for 30 days. 
  • In order for MFA to be enabled, all Team Members must verify their email first. This ensures the confirmation code will be sent to a valid email and the Team Member will not be locked out of their account. 

For additional information on how to enable MFA, please refer to this article.


All Sensitive Data Exports Now In-App

To accompany our recent enhancements for improved security within our application, users will no longer receive their Sensitive Data Exports via email. Users with Sensitive Data Access can now track, view, and download all exports directly in the application! 


Included in this release:

  • There will be a new section under My Profile called 'Exports' that will only show sensitive data exports that the individual has downloaded. Only the individual will have access to these exports to improve data security.
  • The export will show in the export section as 'processing' until it has fully processed. Once it is complete, the individual will be able to download it straight to their desktop.
  • The user will get a notification in the IMS Portal Notifications (located in the top navigation bar) when the export is complete. The notification will have a link to download the export from anywhere in the application. 
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