Verify Email, Investor Profile Editing Restrictions (Release Notes)

9.25.20 | Verify Email & Investor Profile Editing Restrictions | New Feature


Add an Extra Layer of Security & Prepare for Multi-Factor Authentication 

To continue to protect your data, we are excited to announce that multi-factor authentication (MFA) for the IMS Admin (GP) portal will be available in the coming weeks. In preparation for this new level of security, we will require that each team member logging into the IMS Admin (GP) portal has verified that they have a valid email.


Next Steps:

Team Members will be prompted to validate their email address via an authorization code sent to their email on file upon logging in, however they can skip this step until the MFA feature becomes available. Once the MFA feature has been released and enabled for an account, Team Members must utilize a valid email address in order to receive a correct email verification code that completes the two-step login process.

Included in this release:

  • Verify Email prompt will appear on all Team Members login pages (email only needs to be verified once). Team Members will be emailed a one-time 6 digit code that needs to be entered on the Verify Email prompt of the IMS login page. 
  • Ability to 'Skip for Now' if the Team Member does not want to verify their email right away or is unable to access the inbox of the email they have on file with IMS
  • Ability to see which Team Members have verified their account and which have not under Admin Settings > Team Members. A green checkmark will indicate the email has been verified. 
  • Ability for Team Members to update their email address under 'My Profile' and receive a verification prompt inside of the application. *Note - updating your email address under 'My Profile' will require you to use that email address for future logins. 

For additional information on how to Verify Your Email, please refer to this article.


Prevent Investors from Updating their Contact Information:

Wish to restrict Investors from being able to update their contact information directly on their Investor Portal? Now you can control which sections, if any, Investors are able to make updates to. If you choose to restrict all editing access, Investors will be prompted to reach out to their Sponsor to make any changes to their contact information. 



Included in this release:

  • Ability for Sponsors to control which portions of Contact Information that Investors are able to update directly on their portal
  • Ability for Sponsors to update and toggle on/off these fields at any given time as they see fit
  • Only available on the New Investor Portal

For additional investor support on how to restrict editing, please refer to this article. 

We recommend you include Investor Support Contact Information on your portal so Investors know who to contact if they need to make any updates. For help setting up your Contact Information, please refer to this article.

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