Prevent Investors from Editing their Profile (New Investor Portal)

The New Investor Portal allows the Sponsor to control if Investors are able to make edits to their Investor Profile directly through the portal or if the Investor needs to contact the Sponsor to make any updates. 

By default, Investors will be able to make edits to their Investor Profile. 



To prevent Investors from editing their Investor Profile please follow the steps below. IMS recommends contacting your Investors prior to restricting access so your Investors can make any final updates on their own. 

Step 1: 

In the IMS Admin Portal, navigate to Profile and Preferences at the top right and select Investor Settings.


Select View New Investor Settings (applies only if you have not launched your New Investor Portal yet). 



Step 2:

You will be defaulted to the General Settings tab, scroll about half way down the page until you see the Investor Profile Editing Rights section. 



Step 3:

Choose which sections you'd like to restrict by unchecking the blue box. You can choose any combination of the categories and these categories can be toggled on/off at any point if you change your mind in the future. It is important to understand that if you choose to prevent editing on any section, it will apply to all Investor Profile types (Individual, Joint, Trust, Entity, IRA, etc.). 

Personal Information Category Includes:

Individual Profiles: Name, Email Address, Tax ID, Date of Birth, Partnership Type, Referral Source

Joint Profiles: Tax ID, Tax Filing Status, Email, Joint Account Type, Partnership Type

Entity/Trust Profiles: Profile Type, Title/Position, Date of Formation, Tax ID, Email, Executive Name/Trustee, State of Jurisdiction, Partnership Type, Entity/Trust Type 

IRA Profiles: Date of Formation, Email, Custodian Name, Tax ID 

Preventing ALL Editing Rights

Below is what Investors will see if you prevent all editing rights. Investors will not be able to select 'Edit Contact Info' and will be prompted to reach out to their Sponsor or Investor Relations contact. 




Preventing Some Editing Rights

Below is what Investors will see if you prevent editing on only some portions. Investors will still be able to select 'Edit Contact Info' but certain portions of their profile will be locked and unable to be edited. The greyed out text indicates to Investors they are unable to make any changes. 



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