In order to provide enhanced security measures, each Team Member on the IMS Admin (GP) portal will be required to verify that they have a valid email. Upon logging in, Team Members will be prompted to validate their email address via an authorization code sent to their email on file. This code will be sent to the email address associated with your login, if you are unable to access that email account, you can select 'Skip for Now' for an alternative workflow (see section in the article below). 

Step 1: 

Sign into your account with your email address and password. 


You will be automatically directed to a page asking for a verification code. 


Step 2:

Check your email associated with your login. You will receive a 6 digit verification code. 


Step 3:

Enter the code on your IMS login page. Click Verify Email when finished. If you did not receive the email, we recommend checking your junk/spam folder on your email or you can select Resend Code. If you receive multiple codes, enter the most recent code sent. 


Within Admin Settings > Team Members, you will see a green check mark indicating which Team Members have their emails verified. Any Team Member without a green check mark will need to verify their email address. 



'Skip For Now' or Updating Your Email Address

If you cannot access the email address associated to your login, you can select 'Skip For Now' which will allow you to log into the system without verifying your email address first. Alternatively, if you get a new email address and need to update your account, you can follow this workflow by skipping to Step 2. 

Step 1: 

Log into IMS using your email and password. Select Skip For Now


Step 2:

Once inside the application, navigate to Profile and Preferences in the top right corner. Select My Profile


Step 3: 

Navigate to the Email Address tab. 


Update your email address. Select Save when finished. 


Step 4:

A pop up will appear asking for a verification code. 


Check your email inbox associated with the new email address you just entered. You will find an email with a verification code. 


Step 5:

Enter the code into the prompt. Select Verify Email when finished. 


A green check mark will appear confirming that the email has been verified. 


Step 6:

Upon your next login, you will use the newly verified email address and the password you already had associated to the account. If you try to use your old email, you will get an error message because your IMS account is no longer associated to your old email address. 

Old Email Address:2020-09-22_13-21-17.png

Newly Verified Email Address:2020-09-22_13-21-36.png


This workflow should be followed anytime a Team Member needs to update the email address associated to their account. 



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