The Investor Portal 2020 launch is controlled by the Sponsor. The portal will be in a Sponsor only 'preview mode' which allows the Sponsor to set the portal up and make any customizations without disrupting the investor experience. Once the Sponsor is ready to launch the new Investor Portal design, a simple button will turn on the new portal for investors and investors will no longer be able to access the previous design. 

Note: Once you have read and checked off all acknowledgements and selected 'Launch to Investors', the action cannot be undone. We recommend reading our Best Practices Guide and masquerading as an investor before you launch the new portal experience. 

Step 1: 

Select your Profile in the top right > Investor Settings


Step 2: 

Select New Investor Settings


Step 3: 

From the General Settings tab, you will see a button labeled Launch to Investors. Select the Launch to Investors button. 


Read and confirm the acknowledgements and select Launch to Investors.

The acknowledgements confirm the changes in the IMS system that will take place once you Launch to Investors. You are acknowledging that you will only have access to the Investor Portal 2020 and that previous menus or functionality will merge into the new functionality around the Investor Portal 2020. If you have any questions about any items on this page, please email and we'd be happy to provide further clarity. 


Step 4: 

A final congratulations pop up will appear once you have selected Launch to Investors. You can select to view additional resources from this pop up. 



Your investors will not need to do anything different to access the new Investor Portal. All website URLs and email links will automatically update and forward investors to the new Investor Portal. View our Best Practices Guide to see our recommendation on communicating the new changes to investors. 


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