New Investor Portal (Release Notes)

8.28.2020 | New Investor Portal | New Feature 

Take Your Investor Experience to the Next Level 

We've been hard at work building your investors a brand new portal experience packed with new features, a clean design, and an enhanced user experience that we think you're really going to love! Our newest product release, the Investor Portal, makes it easier than ever to take your investor experience to the next level. Now, you can exceed investor expectations with investment transparency, attract new capital, and deliver critical communications through a simple, modern portal. This interactive Investor Portal provides a highly customizable investor experience that is fully controlled by the Sponsor. With a clean design and ample time-saving features, the portal is simple to navigate and well-equipped to meet the needs of both you and your investors.

Launching Your Portal to Investors 

After you have configured and designed the portal to meet your needs, a simple flip of a switch will launch the portal to Investors. All previous URLs that took Investors to the portal will automatically update, your Investors do not need to do anything different to access their portal! Upon logging in, the Investor will see all historical investments, transactions, documents, and profile information that was in their previous portal, but now they will be able to access the new features and functionality available with the new design. 

What's New

Over the last 12-18 months, we have gathered feedback from our customers and stakeholders on features and functionality that would set RealPage IMS apart from competitors. We have incorporated those updates into the new portal design; below are three features we are very excited about.

Engaging Deal Rooms

When the clock starts on a new acquisition, you need a solution that expedites, simplifies, and streamlines the capital raise process so you can pull the pieces together and close as quickly as possible. The Investor Portal dramatically reduces the time and effort required to raise equity by enabling investors to complete the entire deal raise process within an engaging online deal room. In the deal room, tasks including marketing the investment opportunity to your investors, distributing deal documents, electronic signature of documents, and receiving capital can all be executed and completed.


Interactive Portfolio Reporting

Give your investors powerful interactive tools that allow them to easily monitor and track investment performance. With the new portfolio performance feature, your investors can now engage and interact with investment activity across their portfolio of investments and investment profiles, easily charting performance and downloading data for additional analysis.



Deliver Critical Communication 

Ensuring that your critical investor communications are not buried in an inbox is more important than ever. The Investor Communication feature of the new Investor Portal brings your communication back to the center of attention. Investors now have instant access to all email communication delivered through the IMS platform, allowing them to quickly act on new investment opportunities, document signing notifications, and more.

New Features Included in the Investor Portal:

  • Brand new interface and design 
  • Enhanced mobile responsive design 
  • Portfolio Performance investment reporting
  • Communication tab which includes all historical emails sent through IMS. Updates in real time to include any future emails sent. 
  • Bulk Download for Investors where they download hundreds of documents off their portal in minutes
  • Expanded Fund Details on Fund Projects 
  • Expanded Asset Details on Projects with multiple assets 
  • Ability to build an a New Offering in a preview only mode for investors (Investors won't be able to place an investment until you have toggled the 'Accepting Investments' button on).  Accepting Investments button will automatically configure based on Project Status (can be overwritten if needed). 
  • Project documents listed on the Investment Details page of Projects 
  • Transactions and Distributions listed on the Investment Details page of Projects 
  • Offering and Investment metrics configured at the Project Status level rather than the Class level (including the ability to show IRR on Project tiles)
  • Ability to turn on Active Investment Portfolio metrics that update in real time 
  • Ability to choose between a donut chart showing the Investment Mix or an area graph showing Cumulative Distributions over time
  • Ability to customize a landing page where prospects and investors can land before they enter the login page of the portal 
  • Consolidated Edit Classes pages where all updates to the Offering or Project can be made without needing to go to multiple tabs and menus
  • Enhanced Investment Wizard provides investors further clarity and safeguards around placing an investment 
  • Ability to create a single deal room and raise capital for multiple classes in a consolidated Offering Room 
  • Ability to assign eSignature offering documents to one or more classes in the Offering Room
  • Sponsors have additional layers of control over the new portal design. Entire sections can be toggled on/off and renamed as the Sponsor sees fit 

*Note - This list is not exhaustive. If you have specific questions about any of these items or are looking for a specific feature request please reach out to your Customer Success Manager

 To get started configuring and launching your Investor Portal, please click here.



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