Secondary Signers (Release Notes)

3.27.2020 | Secondary Signers | New Feature

Collect Signatures from Important Individuals

Have additional people that need to cosign an eSignature document? Now you can add spouses, individuals, investment vehicles, and more to cosign eSignature documents!

Included in this release:

  • Associating Secondary Signers to a contact: Sponsors will now be able to go to any contact in their CRM and associate up to 5 secondary signers for any contact. The secondary signers can only be warm bodies and have to be a contact in the CRM. Sponsors will be able to do this through a new section on the CRM called "Signers". 
  • Adding Variables to an eSignature template for Secondary Singers: Sponsors will be able to support up to 5 Secondary Signers on each of their eSignature templates. The sponsor will be able to add a signature field, full name, full address, and title for each secondary signer.
  • Signing document as a Secondary Signer: Each secondary signer will receive an email to sign the document their associated primary signer has signed. If an investor has multiple secondary signers, then they will receive them in the order that the sponsor set for that given investor.

For additional support on using Secondary Signers, please refer to this article.

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