Commitments and Capital Calls (Release Notes)

1.25.2019 | Commitments and Capital Calls | New Feature

You've Raised The Money, Now It's Time To Collect

IMS now has the ability to create Commitments and Capital Calls for projects. This includes sending investors/contacts automated emails for executing commitments and capital calls. IMS will reflect instant updates as commitments are made. It also has the ability to track and monitor when payments are sent via wire or check through the Transaction tab. 

For additional information on how to use Commitments and Capital Calls, please click here. 

Automated Email Metrics

IMS has included system automated emails in our Email tab which includes the ability to view open, click, bounce metrics, and more.

Additional Items

  • Investment Wizard now supports cents rather than only whole dollars
  • Various text changes and usability enhancements
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