Q1 2020 Minor Release Roundup (Release Notes)

1.31.2020 | Q1 2020 Minor Release Roundup | New Features

Q1 2020 Minor Release Roundup

Included in this release:

Multiple Templates – Assign multiple eSignature templates to a Sales Offering which allows Sponsors to create universal eSignature templates that can be assigned to multiple Sales Offerings.


Radio Buttons – Radio buttons can now be added onto documents and will be automatically grouped together for a more friendly user experience in the Template Builder.

Voiding Documents – Need to retract an eSignature document even if an investor has already signed it? We’ve now added the ability to void an eSignature document whether the investor has signed it or not. Admins can void documents in bulk or by selecting an individual investor.

Invite to Invest – We have added the ability to Invite to Invest at the individual investor level for an improved user experience. Looking for a quick way to send Invite to Invest invitations? On the Project Cap Table, sort your contacts by document status and quickly identify who needs to be invited by their null document status.

Sensitive Data Access – Just in time for tax season, we have made enhancements to the CRM to allow team members with Sensitive Data Access the ability to decrypt social security numbers directly from the CRM Profile Details or see the decrypted social security numbers in the Entities Export file. Need to set up a team member with Sensitive Data Access? Submit a ticket to support@imscre.com.

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