Waterfall Projections (Release Notes)

3.23.2020 | Waterfall Projections | New Feature

Generate Pro Forma Distributions

Create hypothetical waterfalls and distributions before sharing with investors! Make adjustments to each investor and run as far in the future as you'd like to see the projected waterfall.

Included in this release:

  • Running Projected Waterfall: Sponsors will now have a new section at the Entity level called "Projections". This will allow the sponsors to keep their projection separate from normal distribution batches, and will be able to run as many as they want. The sponsor will need to enter a estimated disposition date, a estimated distribution amount(i.e hypothetical sale amount), and select a waterfall ruleset to calculate off of. Each investor/investment will have an IRR and a estimated distribution amount calculated.
  • Displaying IRR to Investors: Sponsors will be able to display the calculated Projected IRR to their investors on the current and new Investor Portal. The sponsor will have the ability to mark a batch for reporting, which will enable that metric to be displayed to the investors in a batch. Note: Only one batch per entity can be displayed to their investors.

For additional information on running a Waterfall Projection, please click here.

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