Fund Details, Investor Bulk Document Download (Release Notes)

7.28.20 | Fund Details & Investor Bulk Document Download | New Feature

Share Important Fund Investment Details to Investors

You can now organize and display investment-level details regarding funds to your investors on the New Investor Portal! Investors will now have greater visibility into a fund’s performance by viewing and analyzing sponsor-selected metrics tied to individual fund investments.



Included in this release:

  • Ability to add custom text about the overall fund, as well as selecting metrics to display to investors alongside the promotional text that is added.
  • Ability to display the investments a fund has made on behalf of its investors using AG grids. The sponsor will be able to select which data points they want to display about those investments in that table.
  • Only available on the New Investor Portal

For additional information on how to use Fund Details, please refer to this article.


Investors Can Download Dozens of Documents in Seconds:


Included in this release:

  • Investors are able to bulk download documents via the documents section
  • Investors can use filtering options to choose to download only certain documents or they can download their entire documents folder 
  • Only available on the New Investor Portal

For additional investor support on how to use Bulk Document Downloader, please refer to this article. 

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