Project Statuses on Investor Dashboards (New Investor Portal)

There are 4 statuses that a project can be labeled as: Investing, Invested, Liquidated, or Syndicating. 

Renaming Status Default Names

Status default names can be changed to better reflect your firm's operational language. To update the default names go to Profile and Preferences > Investor Settings. Select View New Investor Settings > Project Preferences. 


From here, select the drop down next to the status you want to change. For this example, we updated the Investing status to read as 'Funding' instead. 2020-06-17_11-03-56.png

Throughout the article, you will see the Funding name reflected to show you where it updates in the Investor Portal 2020. 


Changing Statuses 

Project statuses can be updated at any point throughout the lifecycle of the asset. To update a status go to Projects > Project List > select the arrow next to the project name > Edit Project. In the Edit Project settings, you will be able to select which status best represents your project. Click Save


Investment Statuses on Investor Dashboards 

On the Investor Portal 2020, statuses help keep the Investor Dashboard organized and easier for the investor to find a project or investment they may be looking for. Sponsors are free to choose whatever status represents their project and can be updated throughout the lifecycle of the asset. The project status will be listed on the Investment Tile. 


Investors can sort their Portfolio Metrics by Active or Liquidated statuses if they'd wish. The investor simply needs to select which status they'd like to sort their metrics by and then the Portfolio Metrics will reflect the new selection. 


Investing, Funding OR Syndicating: You will most likely choose Investing, Funding or Syndicating statuses when you have a new offering or you have a project that is currently accepting investments. Investing/Funding/Syndicating projects can appear in 'Open Investments' if they have not contributed capital before or 'My Investments' if an investor has already contributed capital but the project is still accepting investments. Syndicating statuses most often refer to open ended Fund projects. 



Invested: Invested projects are typically projects that are no longer accepting investments and now are distributing money back to investors. Usually the asset is still being managed by you. Invested projects typically appear in the tab 'My Investments'.


Liquidated: Liquidated or Exited projects typically are assets that have been sold and are no longer distributing money back to investors. Liquidated projects can appear under 'My Investments' if the investor had previously invested in that project, or they will appear under the 'Closed Investments' tab if that investor was not associated to that project. Sponsors may choose to unpublish liquidated projects from Investor Portals entirely or may choose to show them to give investors a historical look at past assets. 




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