KPI: Property Comparison


  • This view gives the user the flexibility to compare either two different properties against each other for the same time period or the same property against two different time periods.
  • The bar graphs show Actual vs Budget with the Budget as the Orange line and Actual as the Blue bar. Dark Blue is over Budget and Light Blue is under Budget. This is controlled by a drop-down menu above the legend on the top right-hand side that includes options such as EGI, OpEx, NOI.
  • Below this are the metric summaries broken out into Actual, Budget, and Variance (amount and percentage).
  • The user has the ability to drill up and down by hovering over the date header and selecting either + or -. This allows the fields to be aggregated monthly, quarterly, or annually.









Using drop down menus below each bar graph, you can slice and dice your portfolio in different ways.


A multi-select drop down with the name of each property.

Property Type

A multi-select drop down with the name of each property type.


A multi-select drop down with the name of each property location (city, state).


A multi-select drop down that can be used to indicate groups of properties in your portfolio.

Date Range

A text box range that allows you to enter in the start and end date for the data aggregation duration. The default is set to a trailing 12 months starting at the last month.


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