KPI: Operational Summary


  • The top header values show the current period occupancy, revenue, operating expenses, and net operating income. Below each of these is an indicator that represents how the previous period compared to the current period.
  • Occupancy by State visually shows the physical occupancy on the current period. By hovering over a single state, a tooltip will appear showing the different properties that are included in that state and how they contribute to the overall percentage.


  • EGI by City shows the value against the budget for each. This is controlled by the Metric filter to choose which total the user would like to compare against. The arrows beside this allow the user to drill up to the state level or down to the property level.







  • EGI in Relation to Occupancy is also controlled by the Metric filter from above and shows the actual and budget for that metric as a bar graph with the physical occupancy as the line graph.


Using drop down menus on the top of the dashboard, you can slice and dice your portfolio in different ways.


A multi-select drop down with the name of each property.

Property Type

A multi-select drop down with the name of each property type.


A multi-select drop down that can be used to indicate groups of properties in your portfolio.

Select Date

A single date input that allows the user to pick the date on which they want to compare against.

Select Aggregation

A single select that allows the user to pick the comparison choice on how they want to aggregate.

Actual or Per Unit

A single select drop down that changes the dashboard values to populate as actual or as the calculation of the actual divided by the number of units or square feet per property. The default view is actual.

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