KPI: Asset One Pager


  • Top of the view shows different metric totals with the corresponding line graphs for Actual against Budget over the date range selected.
  • Attributes, Debt, and Equity sections aggregate the values where applicable. For the text fields that are unable to be aggregated, the number of selections will populate with the added ability to hover over the text to view all varieties.


  • At the bottom of the sheet is a statement view for each month specified in the date range selected showing Actual, Budget, and Variance by each Category of Revenue, Operating Expenses, and Net Operating Income. The user has the ability to drill up and down by hovering over the date header and selecting either + or -. This allows the fields to be aggregated monthly, quarterly, or annually.






Using drop down menus on the top of the dashboard, you can slice and dice your portfolio in different ways.


A multi-select drop down with the name of each property.

Property Type

A multi-select drop down with the name of each property type.


A multi-select drop down with the name of each property location (city, state).


A multi-select drop down that can be used to indicate groups of properties in your portfolio.

Date Range

A text box range that allows you to enter in the start and end date for the data aggregation duration. The default is set to a trailing 12 months starting at the last month.

Actual / Per Unit

A single select drop down that changes the dashboard values to populate as actual or as the calculation of the actual divided by the number of units or square feet per property. The default view is actual.

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