eSignature 101: Preparing a Document for Signatures


Once an eSignature template is created, you are ready to prepare the document for signatures. Within the template editor, users are able to use different types of signer fields: text boxes, checkboxes, initial fields, sign date and signature. Below we'll navigate through the editor. 

Drag and Drop Fields 

To place any signer field on a document simply click on any of the choices in the fields section to the lefthand side of the editor. Once the field has been selected click on the document where the field needs to be placed. Dragging the field once it's been placed is also an option to adjust exactly where it needs to be. Select the appropriate field type for the document text. 


Input Fields:

Signature: Prompts the assigned profile to sign their full signature in that location 

Initials: Prompts the assigned profile to sign their initials in that location

Date Signed: Will record the date the document was signed by the profile it's assigned to 

Textbox: Prompts the assigned profile to fill in custom text when signing the document OR prompts IMS to fill in system data before signatures are collected on the document 

Checkbox: Prompts the assigned profile to select one or more radio button options 

Dropdown: Prompts the assigned profile to select one or more categories 

Assigning Fields to Correct Parties

Once the field is in the proper place users can then select who they'd like to assign the field to. Select the Assigned To panel on the right to select which profile type the field should be assigned to. Each profile type has a unique color coding for quick reference.


Textbox Fields

eSignature Templates can include Textbox fields from the 'sender' which integrates with the CRM. The purple 'sender' textbox field will automatically populate specific information onto the document with information pulled directly out of IMS when the document is delivered to the signer. This allows the document to be customized for each signer and prevents the signer from filling in these fields themselves. For a full list of Textbox 'Sender' input fields, please click here. 



Changing Fonts and Date Layouts

Choose what font you'd like to select for the field, and if a written field, font size. Validation options are available which ensures the end user is filling out the text box correctly. Choose if you'd like to add a label to the field from the menu which populates on the righthand side of the editor. Adding a label allows you to enter in a word or phrase to let signers know what needs to go in the text box. 



The date format can also be adjusted to your choosing. 


Saving the Template  

When editing is completed, click on continue in the upper righthand corner.  2019-12-03_11-52-33.png

All eSignature documents through IMS are required to have signature fields for the following profile types: Individual, Entity, IRA, Trust, Joint Account Primary, Joint Account Secondary, and (if applicable) Countersigners. You will receive an error message if you do not have all profile types represented before trying to click Continue. 


When the end user is prompted to sign the document, only the applicable signature fields will be shown on the document. In the example below, an investor (Jenny Carll) is prompted to sign the document in the Deal Room. You can see, Jenny only is given the option to sign the field that was marked green for 'individual' and does not see the orange 'entity' signature fields even though they are in the template above. 



Please click here learn how to apply a template to a sales offering. 


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