Click Documents > Investor Statements on the top navigation panel. All existing Investor Statements will appear in the list. To add a new statement, click Create Statement.


Type a Statement Name, choose the desired Template, add a Date Range, pick which Project(s) and Investor(s) to apply this Investor Statement to. Next, choose if you would like to Only Include Active Investors, Include Investment Details (this provides details that are displayed on the investor dashboard with a thumbnail picture of the property). Finally, if you would like to Append Document(s), check the box. This allows you to attach one or more PDFs to the beginning and/or end of your statement. Click Save.


Click Add PDF File. Drag and drop or browse for your desired PDF(s). Click Upload.


You will see the PDF(s) populate below. Drag and drop your documents to appear in the desired display order. If you have chosen to create an Investor Statement for multiple projects, you have the option to designate certain PDFs to be associated for certain project(s). Click the dropdown to Append each document to the Beginning or End. If you have multiple PDFs for the End (for example), the documents will appear in the order you have them listed. To remove a PDF, click the Trash icon to the right. To add more PDF files, click Add PDF File at the bottom left. When everything is complete, click Save.


You will see your newly created statement appear in the list. Notice the options in the actions bar.


Click on the desired statement to see a list of all details for that statement. This page will allow you to Preview individual statements. An Investor’s actions button will allow you to Delete, Download as PDF, or Publish to Investor for that particular individual. Notice the green button to Publish to All Investors.


The Bulk Actions will allow you to Delete, Download as PDF, or Publish to Investors for all investors that are have checkboxes enabled.

When Publishing Statements, choose if you want to notify investors of the new document upload, include an optional message to investors, and Confirm.



All published Investor Statements will appear on the Documents tab on the Investor Dashboard/Portal for that investor.


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