IMS allows you to generate and publish professional and branded Investor Statements directly to your investor's portals. 

Step By Step

This video will go over how to create investor statements from an existing statement template.

First click on the profile and preferences menu then choose investor settings. Go to statement templates on the far left. This page displays all templates in the system and allows you to create a new template. To start you off, IMS provides four statement templates. If you would like to modify a template, click on duplicate to create a copy then click on edit.

Once you have your template customized, click on save and create template. This brings you to a page where you can create an investor statement batch. Give this statement a name, then choose the statement template you'd like to use. In this case, the system has defaulted to the template that I was modifying before accessing this page. Next, choose the date range. Note that it is important to do this using the calendar dropdown and not typing the date. Then choose the project you'd like to make my statement for. You have the option to choose more than one project. Once you choose your projects, you choose your investors. The system will automatically show all investors invested in all of the projects you have selected. It will also tell you next to their name if the investor is active or inactive.

You have the option here to choose only active investors. This means that it will only create a statement for investors who are currently active in the project. If an investor transferred out of the project during my date range and they are no longer active as of today, they will not be included in the batch.

We can also include investment details which displays information similar to what is seen in the investor portal details.

We also have the option to Append Documents to our statement. This would allow us to add a PDF file to either the beginning or ending of our statement. If you had chosen more than one project for my batch, you would also be able to decide which projects have the document appended.

Here we can see the statements being created. You can also click into the batch and see each document processing. When they are done processing, we can click on preview and the system will download the document. You can also click on Download to PDF to download a PDF of all statements. If you decide to make a change to your template, you can do so then come back here and choose “Refresh” to push those changes to the statements even after they have been published.

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