The following text is suggested when communicating to investors that your firm is launching RealPage AIM. Using Bulk Email in RealPage AIM, you can create an announcement to send to hundreds of investors quickly and easily. Please keep in mind, the following is only a template and will need to be modified to match your firm's information.

To insert a special field into an email such as an investor's First or Last Name, first highlight the suggested [INVESTOR NAME] text and then select 'insert tag' at the top right corner of the email. Insert the appropriate tag. 


You will see the text updated to the tag. 





***Suggested Communication***


We’d like to introduce you to our new web-based investor platform.  It’s designed to improve communication and engagement with you, our capital partners.  In fact, your current investments with us have already been loaded to your secure Investor Dashboard. The platform will also showcase new projects and investment opportunities with property descriptions, pictures, investment requirements, and disbursement projections. When you invest in our new projects, your Investor Dashboard will allow you to complete your investment online and will store the offering documents and future tax documents so you can access them in the future.
We’ve invested significant time and money in modernizing and improving your investor experience with us, so we hope you will take a moment to become familiar with this new tool.

Shortly (be specific with the time if you can – i.e. “in less than an hour”), you will receive an email from our system with the subject line “Investor Invitation”.  Please follow the instructions in the email.  Once signed in, it is recommended to bookmark the website for future use as the invitation link can only be used once. 

Here is the link if you forget: (fill in your specific domain name).

If you have any questions or need any help logging in for the first time, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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