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Electronic Document Countersignatures


Countersignatures are used on documents processed through DocuSign. Once all countersignatures have been added by the responsible parties, documents will be marked as complete. There are two methods for configuring countersignatures. If set up at the account level, the team members added will apply to future projects for all documents. If you have individuals who need to sign documents for a particular project or if the project was already built before setting up countersigners, we suggest you set up countersignatures on a project by project level.

Step by Step

Account Configuration

You can add up to 3 Team Members for all offerings as an Account Setting. 

Step 1: Click your Profile and Preferences at the top right, click Admin Settings. You will be defaulted to the Details tab.


Step 2: Scroll to the bottom. You will see a section for Electronic Document Countersignatures. Click + Add Team Member.


Step 3: Choose the desired Team Member(s) to add as countersignatures (you can add up to 3 Team Members). Click the trash icon to delete a Team Member from the countersignature process. Drag and drop with the grey tab on the left for the desired order. Click Save.


Project Configuration

Navigate to the project and select the correct entity and class. Then select the documents tab and add team members for this specific project. This is the recommended technique if signatures will vary from project to project. 


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