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Equity Tab Overview - PDF

Equity Tab Overview
(Updated 09/25/2018)


Our September 2018 Release includes some major updates to the Equity – Project Summary pages. This update mainly includes a whole new user experience, look, and feel.

The first change you’ll likely notice is after clicking on a project, you are not directed to the org chart as it was before; now you are directed to a refreshed project summary page. 

Project Summary and Cap Table

Here, you’ll see an overview of the projects, investments, and the number of entities and investors associated to that project.


To go back to the org chart view, click the org chart icon on the top right:


After clicking on the desired project, you will see a Project Summary for that project. Note the option to see the Entities or Investors for that project.


This new layout makes it easier to navigate within projects and entities. It also consolidates and utilizes the layout in a more effective way. Please note that there is no longer a split view page layout.

You can see details for a specific entity by clicking the dropdown option at the top left or by clicking on the entity name in the list at the bottom.


The details for that entity will appear at the top with all Cap Table information below.


Waterfalls Tab

Please note: if you only have entity-level waterfalls, please make sure to click within the entity/classes to view that waterfall(s).


Distributions Tab

Please note: if you only have entity-level distributions, please make sure to click within the entity/classes to view that distribution(s).


The Project Actions dropdown at the top right will display all applicable actions for that project:

  • Edit Project
  • Add Project Waterfall
  • Add Project Distribution Batch


Note the option to easily publish and unpublish projects at the top.


The ellipsis option will display all options for that specific entity. Some of these options will vary on the project and class status. Note the Add Investment option has been added to this dropdown.


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