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Investor Statements - PDF

Investor Statements
(Updated 03/04/2019)

Click [Name] at the top right, click Investor Settings. Choose the Statement Template tab. Here you will see 3 auto-generated templates along with any other templates that have been added. Note the options to edit, duplicate, and delete each template respectively. To add a new statement template, click Create Statement.


Name your new template and add the description. Choose your layout (Landscape or Portrait), Primary, and Secondary colors. The Primary Color will be the font color of a majority of the text in the statement. The Secondary Color will be the font color of the header text in the statement.


Next, choose your Document Details. You’ll likely want your logo to be displayed as a Header Image. If the Default Logo is white/light in color, please upload a new version of the logo so it will appear on a white background (we recommend logos as a JPG or PNG with a white background). Choose if you would like to include your Contact Information. Contact Information will be displayed on the top right-hand corner of the statement. Next, choose if you would like to include Display Footer page numbers. Finally, add a Display Statement Disclaimer, which will populate on the last page of each statement, if desired.


Next, you will identify the content to display in this template. Click Add Fields.


Customize the format of your desired template. Available options include: 1) Add image 2) Investment Summary Details 3) Line Break 4) Page Break 5) Table or 6) Text Area.


Add image:

Drag and drop or browse your desired image. Please note that the image will appear as the size uploaded, so please upload accordingly. Choose if you would like to display the image left aligned, center aligned, or right aligned. Note the option to Delete this field if you choose to not include that item in your template.


Investment Summary Details:

Name the header of this section; the default will be “Investment Summary Details”. All applicable summary details will appear in a list below. Click the “x” to remove any fields from the list. Any new items can be added with the Add Columns option. Columns will appear on the statement from left to right according to the order they are in on this page. To re-order the items, drag and drop to the desired order. Note the option to Delete at the top right.


Line Break:

This option will be helpful when you want to add a line break between two or more fields such as separating two tables in the report. Note the option to Delete at the top right.


Page Break:

This option is useful for adding before a section that will include a lot of information (such as an Investment Summary Details or a Table). Note the option to Delete this field at the top right.



Add the Header and Description. Choose to Filter by Status or Type (check all desired boxes to us the filter). Next, choose the desired columns that you would like to add to the table. To edit the order of the columns, drag and drop to the desired order. Note the option to Delete this field at the top right.


Choose if you would like to sort the columns by any applicable criteria that have been added to the column list (ex: Class, Amount Invested, etc.) or Ascending or Descending order. Note the option to Remove all Columns towards the right. Some columns may have a calculator icon; clicking on this icon will enable that table to Display All Totals and the calculator icon will turn green.


Some column options will have an “Add Grouping” button; this will allow you to select the columns to display for that specific column field. These are groups of relevant data gathered under the same heading. Click Apply.



Text Area:

Add text to the investor statement template. Note the options to add tags, add an image or to delete this area.


To rearrange the order of the data in your template, drag and drop to the desired order.

Once everything in your template is complete, click Save. Once saved, you can preview your template to make sure it appears as desired. Click Preview at the top right.


A file will download as a PDF. Once opened, you will see a preview of your statement template with x’s displaying placeholders for the data.


Now that you have all necessary templates saved, you can create an Investor Statement. Click Equity > Investor Statements on the left-hand navigation panel. All existing Investor Statements will appear in the list. To add a new statement, click Create Statement.


Type a Statement Name, choose the desired Template, add a Date Range, pick which Project(s) and Investor(s) to apply this Investor Statement to. Next, choose if you would like to Only Include Active Investors, Include Investment Details (this provides details that are displayed on the investor dashboard with a thumbnail picture of the property). Finally, if you would like to Append Document(s), check the box. This allows you to attach one or more PDFs to the beginning and/or end of your statement. Click Save.


Click Add PDF File. Drag and drop or browse for your desired PDF(s). Click Upload.


You will see the PDF(s) populate below. Drag and drop your documents to appear in the desired display order. If you have chosen to create an Investor Statement for multiple projects, you have the option to designate certain PDFs to be associated for certain project(s). Click the dropdown to Append each document to the Beginning or End. If you have multiple PDFs for the End (for example), the documents will appear in the order you have them listed. To remove a PDF, click the Trash icon to the right. To add more PDF files, click Add PDF File at the bottom left. When everything is complete, click Save.


You will see your newly created statement appear in the list. Notice the options in the actions bar.


Click on the desired statement to see a list of all details for that statement.


This page will allow you to Preview individual statements. An Investor’s actions button will allow you to Delete, Download as PDF, or Publish to Investor for that particular individual. Notice the green button to Publish to All Investors.


The Bulk Actions will allow you to Delete, Download as PDF, or Publish to Investors for all investors that are have checkboxes enabled.


When Publishing Statements, choose if you want to notify investors of the new document upload, include an optional message to investors, and Confirm.


After clicking the 3 dots at the top right, you have the option to:

  • Add Investors to Statement
  • Edit
  • Delete
  • Download as PDF
  • Publish to All Investors
  • Refresh All Documents (will refresh all statements if you made any updates to the template/timeline)
  • Preview


All published Investor Statements will appear on the Documents tab on the Investor Dashboard/Portal for that investor.


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