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Bulk Email is a tool admins can use to send mass communication to investors quickly. Easily search and filter through your CRM contacts, select investors, and create an email campaign. 

Step by Step:

The first time you use email, we want to make sure that our email integration is set up. To do this, click on the ‘Profile & Preferences’ menu in the top right of the page and choose ‘Admin Settings’ from the menu then select Email Integration from the menu on the left.

After you confirm that these are your desired settings, you can go to the CRM to select your recipients. You can use advanced search to find only those investors associated with a certain project. Once you're happy with the filter, click on the Select All box then the Bulk Actions button and choose Email from the menu.

There are two templates that we can choose from. The names are self-explanatory here. Basic is a simple message format with just a text body while Custom allows for more customization. You can include an image and up to two call to action buttons in addition to your text.

Below the Templates, we also have the option to “Send the email as a private communication” which excludes individuals and entities tied to the selected contact. After you choose your template and delivery rules, the next step is to compose your email. The name, email address and subject are all required fields. The from email address may be different from the email address that you have set up in the Admin Settings – that is the email address that automated portal notifications come from. This address is specific to the email we are writing now. **Note that you do want this to be a real, functioning email address though so that you can retrieve responses from your investors.

You can use macros called ‘Tags’ to personalize the email for each investor. You can also create hyperlinks within your text. Highlight the word that you would like to use then click the button that looks like chain links. This will pop up a small window that allows you to enter the web address you wish to link to.

You can create call to actions to bring my investor to certain sections or land on a certain page in the portal.Notice the email signature automatically generated from the profile settings but you make changes if you’d like this email to be different.

Save as the email as a Draft to resume later. Drafts are stored under CRM > Email Campaigns and then under the Drafts tab.

Preview your message by scrolling back up to the top and click on Preview. Once happy, close this out and then click on Next.

Confirm or modify my recipients. On the left is a list of contacts in the CRM, on the right see the contacts  already selected with my Advanced Search on the CRM. If you wanted to add anyone else, find them on the left and if there is anyone you want to remove, can click on the X to the right of their name. Click Send. The system notifies me that the process has started up in the top.

When the email is done, IMS loads the Email Campaign page and you can the email sent at the top of the Sent tab. Clicking the email opens the metrics for this campaign. Return here later to see if the email was opened by my recipients, if they clicked through to the portal, or if it was marked as spam.


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