Click Profile and Preferences at the top right. Click Investor Settings.



From the Content tab, you can update the landing page that 'About Us' on the investor portal will link to. We recommend linking to your company's main website or company website geared towards investors. 

You can also update the fields needed for new Investor Accounts to register from the portal. The system will automatically require a Full Name and Email Address but we recommend turning on additional settings that meet your company's needs. You can also change the language displayed for the 'sign up' button as well as the 'offerings' button. 


Dashboard Preferences

Dashboard preferences can be customized for metrics displayed on the investor portal. By toggling the options on and off, investors will have different metrics on projects shown on their portals. 



To see additional details on customizing dashboard preferences, click here.

Offering Preferences:

Here, you can also choose your preferred contribution payment types, and methods that an investor can receive distribution payments.


Portal Preferences:

Customize notifications investors receive based off different events. Notifications will either be email or status notifications on the platform. We recommend customizing the Investor Invitation email to mirror branding and set up instructions that pertain to your company. For more details on how to customize your invitation emails, click here.



Project Preferences:

Here, you can choose project status names for Investing, Invested, Syndicating and Liquidated projects. The Other option will populate a field to the rate for a custom status name if it is not in the dropdown options.

*These statuses will also be displayed on the bottom of the Investor Platform Tile as the link text, unless overridden by the default options.

This preferences tab also allows Sponsors to choose how investor dollars are displayed, whether that is rounded to the nearest whole dollar or with cents. You can also choose how the investment amounts are displayed; either the original amount or the net return of capital.


 Waterfall/Distribution Preferences:

Here, you can choose your rounding preference and whether any excess funds will be retained or distributed after rounding. You can also choose when you would like your preferred return accrual calculation and when you would like to display your unpaid preferred returns.




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