There are two ways team members can add documents to all investors associated with a project, either directly in the project or under the documents feature. 

Method 1:

To upload a project level document from the projects page, navigate to the Project and select the Documents tab in the middle of the page. Select Upload Document to generate the screen you see below, from here you can select a single or multiple documents you wish to upload. 

Screen_Shot_2019-06-05_at_9.20.32_AM.pngHere, team members can quickly view which documents have been shared with users at the project summary, entity, and class level. Team members can upload, view, download and delete documents from this page. Since these documents are shared documents across multiple users, you will be shown a warning with a user count prior to completing the deletion. 

Method 2:

To upload a document from the documents feature, first click on Documents, Personal and Project Documents on the top This view will show you auto-generated folders. The RealPage AIM System Documents section contains a folder called Projects which will house all associated investor folders and documents. The My Documents – [Name] folder is a location where the Team Member can load documents for their internal use or to coordinate with their RealPage AIM contact or other Team Members. Here, if you are looking to share documents with Team Member(s), make sure to choose Share from the action dropdown to share it with Team Member(s).


Click on the Projects Folder and navigate to the desired Project folder. Click Upload Document in the top right corner of the screen.

Drag and drop the desired document(s) or browse. Choose the desired folder to display the document(s) on the Investor Dashboard. Choose your Publish Date (helpful for adding timely and historic documents). Click Upload. Click Done.

Tip: These document(s) will be viewable by all investors within all classes in that project.

*To confirm that the document was correctly uploaded, please Sign In as an investor within the list. To see our guide on Signing in as an Investor, click here.



This document(s) will appear in the Documents tab for any investor associated with any class within that project. Here, they can view, save, or print their document(s).



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