Step 1: Click Task Manager on the top navigation. Here, you will see a rollup of all My Tasks or Team Activity tasks. Note the ability to Show Completed Tasks, Sort by feature, and Search field. Click Add Task at the top right.


Step 2: Complete the necessary and any desired fields. The Associated To field will associate the task with an Investor. The Assign To field will assign the task to a Team Member. Click Save.


Step 3: All tasks will be displayed in a list. Note the tabs for My Tasks and Team Activity. All tasks assigned to you will be included in the My Tasks tab. All tasks at an account level can be accessed in the Team Activity tab. New tasks will appear bold (similar to bold unread emails). Colored exclamation point icons will determine the priority level. Note the option to Show Completed Tasks or Sort. The task that has been clicked on will display task information to the right. Here, you can edit, delete, or mark as complete. Click the Associated or Assigned hyperlinks, view tags, and view documents.


Step 4: The CRM>Contacts tab will display an icon showing any investor that has a task associated with them.



Step 5: Review completed tasks under 'Show Completed Tasks' link on the left. 


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