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New User Training Checklist

New to IMS? We’ve compiled a list of helpful skills to quickly become an expert!

101: Beginner


  1. How to Add and Edit a Contact
  2. How to Sign in as an Investor
  3. Edit Investor Profile Connections
  4. How to Send Invitations to Investors
  5. BCC Functionality

Document Management:

  1. How to Upload Investor Documents
  2. How to Upload an Asset/Class Level Document

201: Intermediate

Project Build:

  1. Creating a New Project
  2. New Offering Checklist
  3. Adding an Investment and Invite to Invest


  1. Add a New Loan
  2. Adding Images to Project
  3. Exporting Entity Information


301: Expert

  1. Adding and Exporting Distributions
  2. Waterfall Rule Creation

            Waterfall 101, Waterfall 102

            Waterfall 201, Waterfall 202

     3. Running Distributions with Waterfall
4. Investor Dashboard Preferences

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