This guide gives you the best practices that you will want to review prior to inviting investors to the platform.

Review the following:

  1. Portal Notification Templates:

Automated messaging from the platform. These e-Portal Notifications are customizable. Find a tutorial here on customizing portal notifications.

  1. ‘User Invitation Coming Soon’ E-mail Template:

Customize this e-mail and send it to your investors prior to sending the User Invitation. Send this e-mail blast within 24 hours of sending the User Invitations. Find a tutorial here on bulk e-mail functionality.

  1. Investor Invitations:

After sending the ‘Coming Soon’ e-mail blast, send invitations to your investors through the CRM. Find a tutorial here on sending User Invitations.

  1. Manage investor activity:

Review investors activity on the CRM’ Status column. Utilize the CRM export functionality to filter by which user received their invitation and which user needs to be reminded and resent. To resend a User Invitation, click the action dropdown to the left of the profile name and choose Invite to Investor Portal.

  1. IMS Security overview:

IMS Security one pager for your review. Feel free to send to investors who are cautious about entering secure information into the platform.

  1. Investor Materials:

What to do before you launch:

  1. Test the process internally and launch to a group of internal individuals with investor logins.
  2. Masquerade (Login) as a few of your investors and spot check Investor Dashboards. Find a tutorial here on masquerading in as an investor.
  3. Make sure your investor website is live by navigating to the Investor Portal tab under the Project dropdown.

  4. Ensure that you have a “login” link on your company website that redirects investors to the investor site
  5. Reply-to-Email: Found under the “Details” tab in IMS Admin. All Portal Notifications are sent from this e-mail, review this e-mail address as it is the sending address. If an investor replies to a Portal Notification this address will receive the reply. 
  6. Review the CRM. If there are investors with an ‘@imsinvestor’ or ‘@imsplaceholder’ email, these are placeholder e-mails and need to be updated.

Items to be Aware of:

  1. User Invitations expire after 7 days and can only be clicked once for security purposes.
  2. Google Chrome is the optimal web browser.
  3. If an investor has trouble viewing or logging in it might be a network firewall.
    For example, Newmark Grubb Knight & Frank has a firewall and employees are not able to log into IMS while using the NGKF server; however, have been able to successfully log on from a home network.
  4. We recommend avoiding going “live” on a Friday or past 6pm EST – this will ensure that the IMS Support Team is available for questions.
  5. Mobile Devices are undesirable to use at this time unless you activate the IMS mobile app. iPhones and iPads do not allow investors to reset their passwords using the Safari browser. Generally, it is best for investors to use a desktop computer or laptop for this purpose.
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