Steps for setting up your NACHA file:

The internal entities that are sending the distributions can be found by following these steps:

1. Click Entities on the top navigation panel.

2. Select the arrow next to the desired entity and click Edit.

3. Then select the tab for Bank Accounts.

4. Select + Add Bank Account.

5. Fill in the information at the top of the form


To generate a NACHA file you will need to input the fix fields under the ACH Information. The seven fields at the bottom of the Edit Bank Account screen: ACH Information, need to be completed with information provided by your bank.



Investors who want to receive payments via ACH should be marked as such in their Investor Profiles with correct ABA and Account numbers. Incorrect ABA numbers will result in a failed NACHA export. For information on these seven fields, please see the definitions below:

Definitions of the seven fields found under ACH Information:

ACH Destination

The "Immediate Destination Name", the name of the ODFI (Originating Depository Financial Institution), an example could be "Federal Reserve Bank"

ACH Origin

The "Immediate Origin Name", an example could be "My ABC Bank"

Company Name

The "Company Name", this will be the entity name  

ACH Entry Description

The "Company Entry Description", an example could be "Payments"

ACH Routing Number

The "Immediate Destination", ODFI's routing number. Must be 9 digits.

ACH Company EIN
The 9-digit EIN (enter without any dashes).

ACH Immediate Origin
The "Immediate Origin", is a 9-digit number usually the company’s EIN (enter without any dashes) or A 10-digit number assigned to <the sponsor> by the ODFI once they approve them to originate ACH files through them. If 10-digit number there is typically a number assigned to be input prior to the company’s EIN (ex. 5xxxxxxxxx).


More information:

For a guide on NACHA formatting, click here.

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