🎬 Dashboard Preferences for Investor Portals


Customize what metrics are shown on Investor Dashboards for projects that investors are associated to. Use these settings to give more transparency to your investors and give them access to additional insights to their investments. 

Step by Step:

From the admin dashboard, select Profile and Preferences in the top right hand corner > Investor Settings > Dashboard Preferences. Here, you can toggle which metrics you want shown on Investor Dashboards. Metrics in green indicate it is shown on the dashboard. Refresh to see changes made.


Admins can rename metrics shown and descriptions by selecting the pencil icon next to the metric. 

Custom metrics can be shown on the dashboard by filling out the section at the bottom of the Dashboard Preferences page. *Please Note* - custom metrics need to be updated manually by an admin, these metrics are completely custom and are not generated by the system. 

To customize individual class views, update the 'Class Preferences' under a specific project.


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