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DocuSign Workflow for Joint Accounts

Before You Begin:

Send your document to your CSM for DocuSign coding. When reviewing the document, please review the Joint Account variables. Make sure you have an existing Joint Account in your CRM with valid emails for both Primary and Secondary contacts.

Step 1: The Primary Contact associated with the Joint Account will navigate through the Investment Wizard or receive the document via Invite to Invest. For a tutorial on both of these processes see here: Investment Wizard or Invite to Invest.

Step 2: The Primary Contact will execute the DocuSign document first. The Primary Contact must fully complete the document and click “Finish” in order for the Secondary Contact to receive their automated DocuSign email.


Step 3: The Secondary Contact will receive a DocuSign email with a link to complete the DocuSign document. Click Review Document.


Step 4: The Secondary Contact will sign the document in places where there is a Joint Account variable.


Now that all required investors have signed the DocuSign document, the fully executed document will be loaded to their Investor Dashboard (unless the document is coded for a countersignature, see below).

If the document is coded for Sponsor countersignature, there will be a third step in which the Team Member in the countersignature workflow will receive the document via a DocuSign email. When all Team Members have signed the document, the document will then be loaded into the Investor Dashboard.


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